Tue 15 October 2019 - Thu 17 October 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Brodt Tel Aviv - Zeitlin 22, Tel Aviv,

Sukkot, Tuesday – Thursday | October 15-17, 2019
Tel Aviv Museum and Brodet

Third Center | 15.10 | Tel Aviv Museum
20:00 | A festive-Yiddish opening performance around the
Raanana Symphonette with the singers: Vira Luzhinsky, Maya Gutman, Eli Preminger and many guests. Conductor: Uncle Zeba

IV | XVII Tishrei | 16.10 | Center Brodet
16:00 Yiddish songs from the house and Eastern Europe
meeting of two generations on stage in a tribute to emotional memory of my grandfather and great-grandfather lying Fibnitz, actor and singer at the Yiddish Theater of Kiev.
With singer Anna Sokolow and was a singer and creator Tina Faustina Lost – Sokolov Piano – Ella Danzig

20:00 Miriam Fox returns home
Mythical singer and entertainer Miriam Fox began her career at the Yiddish Theater in Brussels. She has recorded many Yiddish albums and has appeared worldwide. In the 1970s, Miriam was published in Israel as Ms. Chibutro, on the IEC broadcasts. And without the evil eye she is noisy, daring and sassy as ever.

Thursday | Tishrei | 17.10 | Brodette Center
4pm | Itzik Manger – 50 years since the death
of the actor and director June Eilat, about the native poet in Covina, the “Megillah songs” and Manger’s other works that made him one of the greatest creators in Yiddish culture. Accompanied by a rare video presentation.

20:00 | Suffice it to say, my love, the pain of love, love
songs in Yiddish
, unrequited love, weddings, weddings and divorce, and everything in the language of course. Famous songs by Mark Warszawski, Mordechai Geibirtig and others.
Eli Preminger – Trumpet | Lior Grossman – accordion | Craig Yodelman – Violin.
Singers: Sasha Lurie (Latvia), Maya Pennington and Eyal resin (Israel)

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