Thu 13 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Gloss Gallery - Levontin 14, Tel Aviv,

Gloss Gallery has the honor to invite you to the opening of the international exhibition of fashion photography featuring works of Nir Slakman and Alice Lucchinelli. With the new show, we endeavor into the new development of international growth by featuring two artists from Israel and the Netherlands.
Each of the featured photographers has the unique sensitivity for understanding beauty through harmony, elegance and frailty.

Nir Slakman (Fragile) – Israel
Nir Slakman, a Fashion photographer, presents a set of breathtaking and enticing portraits, in his first exhibition “Fragile”. As someone who lives and breathes in the industry that idealizes the exterior, as well as shapes and epitomizes ideal external beauty, Slakman chose to create a standard of beauty that is battered and bruised, one that highlights and celebrates the fragility tragic temporality. As it is written in Ecclesiastes, Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, and here Slakman takes the illusion of glamor to the extreme.

Alice Luccinelli (Lady Clarissa) – the Netherlands
Alice Lucchinelli is an Italian photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a very sharp eye for the genre of fashion, which she explores in several kinds of settings and with all kinds of models. She has done several urban shoots in London, bucolic series in the countryside of her native Tuscany, and studio portraits in the Netherlands.
She explores the full potential of locations, models and photographic techniques in order to compose a wide portfolio that shows a broad range of interesting subjects and visual elements.

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