Mon 16 November 2020 | 10:01 am - 11:01 am
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Several years ago most of the jobs for internationals in Israel were in sales or account management. Nowadays its jobs like Content Creators, Data Scientists, Internal Branding, Digital Marketing etc. We want to take this opportunity to explain some of these new jobs to our community, and what skills you require to get into them.


Miri Bar Nathan – Global Employer Branding & Communications at Taboola

Miri spent the first 8 years of her marketing career in a variety of Business Marketing roles in various technology companies. Since joining Taboola 4 years ago, Miri has been marketing to a different type of audience – potential employees and particularly software developers. In her role as Employer Branding & Communications Manager, she has learnt that the recruiting funnel is very similar to the sales and marketing funnel but at the same time, it’s also unique and requires a different perspective, communication, creative and measurement. Work with Miri – check out open jobs at Taboola.

Garrett Krivicich – Account Manager at Headline Media

Garrett is a PR account manager at Headline Media, a global leading public relations and strategic communications agency headquartered in Tel Aviv. In his current role, Garrett leads the international media outreach strategies for multiple high growth companies across the Israeli tech ecosystem. Prior to this, Garrett held several communications roles in political campaigns in the US, including as a staffer for the Florida governor’s race. Garrett grew up in South Florida where he earned his BA in Political Science at Florida Atlantic University. Work with Garrett – check out open jobs at Headline Media.

Simon Lipson –  Data Integrity Engineer at Riskified

Simon started his high-tech career with a background in education and no technical experience. He has since spent over three years honing and developing his technical abilities in the industry. As a data integrity engineer for Riskified, Simon is the first technical contact person for new clients and gets to be a part of building successful integrations. He strongly believes that coding languages and technical skills are well within the grasp of those with no prior experience. Work with Simon – check out open jobs at Riskified.

Dani Peterman – Social Media Manager at Lusha

Dani Peterman is a social media manager at Lusha and has over 5 years of experience in the tech and startup industry. Work with Dani – check out open jobs at Lusha.

Molly Aviva and Joel Goldstein – Brand Creators at

Joel and Molly are brand creators at They make videos, TV commercials, and produce global subway campaigns. Some are even good. Work with Molly and Joel – check out open jobs at

Ben Pines – Evangelist at Elementor

Work with Ben – check out open jobs at Elementor.

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