Thu 25 October 2018 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
We Are The People of the Night - Nisim Elkayam 10, Tel Aviv,

Neologism is to give a new meaning to an existing word and it does not surprise us that this is the name of the young German duo. Thursday 25/10 We will host the duo that all the world’s librarians are courting and all the top artists play it. Everyone in the industry is talking about the perfect sound they managed to create and about the uncompromising production that brought them to where they are struggling for the title – the next thing in the scene. They come to us after Gigg in Watergate, after a new section was chosen to be the soundtrack of After Life’s After Life in the current season in Ibiza and after being selected for the best set at the famous Fusion Festival! See you in the dark

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