Mon 23 March 2020 | 10:00 am - 10:30 pm
Theater Club - Yerushalaim Street, Tel Aviv,

Industry-Training Conference for Entertainment Professionals ★ 23.3 ★ Theater Club

For the first time in the nation’s history, the Israeli entertainment production industry salutes the professionals behind the scenes at a special conference.

During the day, there will be training for professional entrepreneurship and enrichment in the new age. The training will be comprised of panels that will discuss the challenges facing emergencies and producers in Israel and provide the toolbox needed to deal with them. Signing up for each panel individually is open to the general public, but attending each day of the course will give attendees a training certificate from the Association of Emigrants and Producers.

In the evening, there will be an invite-only event, where prizes will be awarded to the outstanding productions of the year and the professionals behind them – entrepreneurs, producers, artistic directors, directors, designers from across the spectrum (video art, lighting, sound, etc.), publicity and public relations executives and more.

The seminar schedule:

10: 00-11: 30: licensing, safety and policing wage

regulation requirements for security and safety at public events

Moderator: Eli Levy,

11: 40-13: 10: The Art Hbrnding world culture

and brand building in the entertainment world and cooperation with commercial

Moderator: July Feingold

lunch Break

13: 45-15: 00: culture and a

work of private entrepreneur in cooperation with local authorities and institutional investors

Moderator: Avi Mizrahi

15: 10-16: 25: Talk to my agent

made with agents of booking producer and impresario

guides : Michael Apple

16: 35-17: 35: Copyright

The ACUM license series, royalties and producer rights and intellectual property rights.

Moderator: Attorney Eli Nahum

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