Tue 2 October 2018 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Peace & Love
Indigo Festival

Hello our dear tribe.
Our baby was born in 2008 with a lot of love, emotion and vision.

We called it the Indigo Festival.
Since then he has become an integral part of us and we’ve grown to be the body of the Indigo child, heart and soul.
We all had the time and place of the meeting of all the Indigo children together where we felt connected once a year, where we were free and had a colorful reality of our own.
This tribal accompanied us during six consecutive years of magic and the talk carried to distant countries and rumor has spread into the realm of our consciousness.
We where then forced a break of three years in which we did not stop to yearn, dream and especially to plan the return the children of Indigo to where we needed to be.
And today we’re finally excited to announce and record the following lines:

Indigo Festival
Into The Desert

Indigo is returning with a unique experience and tribal.
All the Indigo children are invited to join us on the Milky Way
Indigo festival will be 2 nights and 3 full days, freedom, independence, tribal, horizon-expanding musical culture and of course the opening of the art global consciousness.
For the past three years we planed carefully how we can make this love in the most correct way to actually reach other dimensions without interference or restrictions. Indigo symbolizes abundance, variety, bringing together and release barriers, so the Indigo children can have a festival of love.
Now we can tell you that we are putting together at least three stages which will bring us together. There will be the main stage, an alternative stage and an open stage.
Or in a simpler translation … Psychedelic Trance, live performances and jam sessions long into the night.
to all the indigo children that have been waiting for this moment we are happy to tell that the festival will be a magical oasis – Kfar Hanokdim

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