Fri 30 November 2018 | 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Beit Ha'ir - Bialik Street 27, Tel Aviv,

For the first time in Israel: Independent voices gather on a stage • Come to know the people who offer an alternative to the media

The public lost confidence in the mainstream media. The polarization dislocates the public discourse. Is strong independent journalism the cure? The best independent voices on the Net gather together to talk about free journalistic activity in the Age of News and the collapse of the economic model of the media. Online and offline activism, coping with mute attempts, trolls and bots, coverage of sexual violence and more.

The conference will take place on 30.11.18 from 10: 00-14: 00 in the Beit Ha’Ir compound (27 Bialik St.), Tel Aviv. The entrance is free and open to the public. Among the participants: Alexon, De Bazar, Time, Spacecraft TV, The real economy, The hottest place in Hell, The Sting, The Forum for Regional Thinking, Shiloah, Angle, Other Angle, Read, Relevant Info, Local, Transparent, ACT, +972, WAZCAM

The conference will give expression to the independent voices working on the Internet and to the discussion of the crisis of the mainstream press, its professional corruption and its political and social news, and the independent press in the face of this crisis. In addition, we will discuss the special problems of free and non-commercial journalistic activity, in search of an economic model, in silenced publics that find a voice for themselves, in the flourishing of a deep press, and in the revolution and challenge of sexual violence.

In the developed countries, alternative journalism that has grown in the age of the net serves as a counterbalance to mainstream media outlets and is recognized as an essential part of the struggle over the nature of society. In Israel, alternative journalism plays an especially important role because of the centralized nature of the communications market. The same concentration that also makes it difficult to develop alternative communication and its recognition.

The press conference of the “Seventh Eye” will ask for the first time a home and a stage for the various bodies dealing with independent journalism in Israel. The conference invited speakers from a variety of independent media organizations to reflect the broad range and to identify the commonalities. At the conference we will discuss the problems that characterize the existence of alternative media in order to find common solutions and strengthen the independent voice in the public sphere.

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