Sat 13 April 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:56 pm
Live Park Rishon - Live Park in Rishon, Rishon Letzion,

8 performances !! On one stage

Rock for one night – fine music and special compositions for this evening.

Artistic Director – Peter Roth.

Rock ‘n’ roll is history, rock and roll is a tradition, it was, is and will be. Rock ‘n’ roll is freedom – the freedom to dance and sing to the end of your throat as if no one is looking at you. Rock ‘n’ roll is a language, it is a universal connection. This is the moment you wear the shirt you bought at the show and you will immediately notice something like you, smiling at you. Rock is music, songs, but so much more than that –



The performances

Yehuda Poliker with “Vegan Friendly”

Yehuda Poliker, one of the greatest artists in Israel, in a new project with the trio “Vegan Friendly”.
For the first time, Gasoline works and records new songs with the band members who are also involved in arrangements, playing and the whole process: Geva Alon – guitars and vocals, Jungo – Bass, Assaf Reiz – drums.
The first single of the “Tavo” project (lyrics: Shachaf Wolman and Yehuda Poliker) has already been successfully played on the radio, and additional materials will soon be released.
In a one-time festival, Poliker and Vegan Friendly will perform together for the first time on a stage and perform new songs from the album and of course, Poliker’s hits from “Benzene” and solo.

Monica Sex host Shalom Hanoch

Yali Sobol, Peter Roth, Shahar Even Tzur, Sefi Efrati
This is a time-performance for a new album
Two new songs have already been released from the album on the way, “It’s Time” and “We Knew to Dance”, which aroused anticipation mainly because of the musical direction with the combined Eitsian influences.
Monica Sex – we have met continuously for about two decades, proving time and again that time is working for them. Huge hits are a great gift for any artist, but the Monks have never been satisfied with what they already have and are rich and are constantly innovating and challenging. This time, for the first time in the history of the band, the musical producer is a member of the band Shahar Even Tzur, who also directed and edited the video for the song ‘This Time’. The new album expresses the band’s desire for music and joint creation.
Monica Sex’s performance is a meticulous and well-performed guitar rock show that manages to express the years of the band’s activity, the five albums that have been released, and the songs that have already become part of the Israeli pantheon – from their first album, “Wounds and Kisses” to their sixth album.

Where the child hosts Aviv Geffen

Where the boy, from the veteran and esteemed rock bands, celebrating 30 years of rock ‘n’ roll, with six albums that reached gold and platinum and produced many hits, set their status as an important and influential band that takes pride in the Israeli soundtrack. Their last album – “Sweet in the Dark” (2017) includes 10 new songs written and composed by the band members while the musical production was entrusted to Ofer Meiri’s talented hands. At the same time, the band continues to perform throughout the country and fill the halls with a loyal audience that comes in droves. Where the boy performs with all the familiar and beloved songs: “What I’m Going Through”, “You Fell Hard”, “Someone Hears Me”, “White in a Black Dream”, “Golden Shades” and other new songs from the album “Sweet in the Dark”.

The elders of Safed

The elders of Safed return to the second album (The Blue)!
The original composition from the unforgettable album and the hysterical tour that accompanied it
Maor Cohen – Aviv Papo – Tom Mochiach – Yuval Keiner

In 1994 the Elders of Safed 2, the most successful album of the Celt, produced a musical production by Haim Romano. The words and melodies were written by Maor Cohen.
The album produced a long series of hits that became an integral part of the Israeli rock scene of the 1990s, including “The Neighbor”, “Friday Saturday” and “Just Do not Go.”
Now the friends are returning to a psychedelic and humorous atmosphere !!! Exactly (and somewhat differently) for an unforgettable evening.

Mercedes Band host Paul Trunk

Israel’s best-known rock band comes to you for an electric show, Mercedes Band, the second rock band after the release of their fourth album “What Is This Thing”. The wild band under the direction of the legendary vocalist Gal Toren transforms a crisis and existential anxiety into a colorful and frenzied party with all the hits: “Mom”, “Davines”, “Come and bring to Thapunk”, “The Underwear Department”, “Angel” And more.
The best party in town

Hila Ruach hosts Shlomi Shaban

“Music for commercials”

Hila Ruach, a writer, singer, bassist and producer, is considered one of the most courageous and special phenomena in the local music scene, following her new album “Music for Advertising”.
Hila released her first solo album “A Doctor in the West” about two and a half years ago, after which she received acclaimed reviews. The album injected new blood into the Israeli alternative and proved it was here to stay. With music that combines rock, garaj, pop and psychedelic and texts dripping with exposed candor and bleeding humor on the border between poetics and street language, Hila was recognized as the Israeli Indie Association. Hila is accompanied by her powerful ensemble – Costa Kaplan (tram), Yonatan Levital (bass and sampler), Adiel Goldman (drums) Shahar Zisman (keyboards) and Yonatan Lassman (trumpet). Hila’s spoken performances are a spectacular sight of bursting truth and a unique new rock ‘n’ roll that leaves behind a captive audience.

Alon Adar and the band host Doron Talmon (Jane Bordeaux)

After the big break with “A Little Love Will not Damage”, “Shir LaMa” and “My Wife”, which made Alon Adar one of the most prominent Israeli music creators.
The first single, “My Wife” quickly integrated into the playlists’ landscape, to which a member of “Going Back Up There” became an anthem.
Alon Herd and the band are plowing the country in concerts and continue to disperse magic powder of fine music.
Conducted by a flock, the band includes even string instruments and exhalation, brings with it infinite sensitivity and experience from

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