Thu 21 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 9:10 pm
Tami Dance - Center for Craftsmen 16, Tel Aviv,

Creators / Evening

Creation # 1 – * My Body *
By Roni Hadash, winner of the Culture Minister Prize for 2018 and other prizes.
We all have a body. Some of us identify with him more and we share less. But it is associated with us and always dragged with us everywhere. It’s supposed to represent us, it’s the first thing we show. But usually there is a certain sense of physical detachment as a result of trauma, one way or another.
Movement is just one way of trying to regain control, connect and try to understand the root of the physical problem or the origin of the traumas.

“The Promising Designer of the Next Generation” Ora Brafman, Israel
“The works of a new intelligent and mesmerizing eye …” Bangkok Post
Her works are exhibited worldwide and in Israel.

Creation # 2 – NICE TO BEAT YOU *

By Gil Kerer and performed by Gil Kerer and Corina Freiman, co-creator
A passionate encounter between a man and a woman. Pain, passion, humor and elegance are intertwined and re-establish the balance of power.

Gil Kerer, winner of the 2011 International Choreography Competition in Jerusalem and the EMI Prize for Encouraging the Work of Ehud Manor.
His works are exhibited throughout the world and in Israel

Creation 3 – Tennis – NOW OR NEVER

By Nimrod Fried. Performed and co-created by Noa Shavit, winner of the EMI Award for Outstanding Dancer for 2017. The tennis game and the obsessive struggle of the tennis player for victory as a metaphor for our war of survival here and now. Accompanied by authentic sound from the tennis court and soul music. “… a victory …” Ma’ariv. Nimrod Fried / The Tami Group – Performances in five continents and in Israel.

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