Wed 28 February 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar - Hayarkon 66, Tel Aviv,

Legend has it of a magic item, a holy grail if you will, of a group of exalted bartenders. So allusive, so out of reach but, a tale we know to be true. Known as the ‘Best Bar Team That Rules the Seven Seas”. or just BBTTRSS to make it simple…
Previous years can provide of nothing but a preview for what’s to come – as the legend is set to become a reality!
The battle of the year, the Purim bar fight between La Otra’s Pirates and the Imperial Royal Navy. It’s that time of the year again where 2 teams clash in a raging atmosphere for pride & glory – to redeem their titles as the BBTTRSS.
We are preparing a real treat for y’all. Booze will be poured, sweat will be shed, teeth will be thrown as the Captains and their crew battle it out.
It WON’T be a clean fight, we WILL break the rules and we will do everything you WON’T do. Because in the end there can only be one winner. You can be sure that this is not a night for those who are prone to seasickness as the boat will be ROCKING.
La Otra’s Pirates – “Me mom be pegging yer grandfather in hell boys”
Imperial Royal Navy – “My compass tells me that the dignity drowned with the pirates seven kilometres west of here.”
But of course, we need you guys again to settle the dispute and determine once again who shall prevail. We’ll have DJ Guy Bob Avital & DJ Mika Avni controlling our beats for the night.
The dry details:
We’ll work in a different low-cost format where you could buy coupons:
4 coupons = 80₪
• 2 coupons will get a cocktail in your hand
• 1 coupon can be either beer, food or chaser.
Every time you but new coupons you will also get to vote for either of the teams, the voters might win private cocktail seminars, imperial bottle service bottled cocktails and gift cards for imperial, la otra & motel. This year the price also includes a 5₪ donation in favor of refugees.

Wednesday – 28.2 – starting at 20:00 – no reservations required

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