Thu 21 March 2019 - Sat 23 March 2019 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Ashram Bamidbar - Nahal Shittim, Hadaro,

Purim Desert Carnival
21-23 March 2019
Desert Ashram

The first round of tickets is over, the second is already underway >>

You are invited to the adventure of your life,
For the three most colorful, unbridled and exciting days of the year,
In an imaginary village that will be restored to life and filled with friends,
Wrapped in the endless expanses of the desert,
In the most isolated settlement in Israel,
Far from all the chaos of the rest of the world,
A colorful and perfect world will arise for him,
Where legends that go out of time and space are going to be written.

Imagine sound spacecraft will take off for journeys in forgotten provinces,
With live performances, parties and acrobatics of artists we love
Alongside dancing, workshops, encounters, adventures, falling in love,
And other unexpected events.

It’s Purim, it’s the laughs, the costumes, the costumes, the endless possibilities,
The celebration, the butcher, the friends, crazy and colorful days,
Long magical nights of full moon,
We are all together in the middle of nowhere, no more perfect than that.

This is already the fifth time on Purim and the eighth in all,
That the community around Imagen converges to live and imagine together.

That we are raising together an alternative reality,
Such free autonomy,
Time of aviation between endless worlds, costumes and possibilities,
In which you are the ones who paint what is going to be.

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