Thu 15 April 2021 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
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The Air Show is scheduled to pass over the Tel Aviv-Yafo coast starting at 11:34 ( estimated time ).

The Air Force prepared a salute to the citizens of the State of Israel under the sign “Israeli Brotherhood.” The flight will take place during the 73rd Independence Day of the State of Israel (Thursday, 15.4.21), at the end of a challenging year.

This year, the jets will pass over more localities than in the past, from Dan to Eilat, in order to salute all Israeli citizens . The flight will take place between 13: 00-10: 30 and will pass over dozens of cities and major points in the country. There will also be a salute flight over the President’s House at 8:45 p.m.

The planes will include “Mighty” (F-35i), “Falcon” (F-15), “Storm” (F-16i), “Lightning” (F-16) and “Lavie” (M346i) fighter jets. Assault helicopters such as “Owl”, “Yasur” and “Bat” and transport aircraft of the type “Ram”, “Scout”, “Nachshon”, “Samson” and “Rhino”. In addition, Israeli police helicopters and firefighting planes will be included in the flight.

It will be possible to follow the update of the flight broadcasts on the IDF website and the Air Force website , as well as on its location and timing as they will be updated and appear in the Air Force flight plan, which will be published later.

Check the official IAF website for full schedule.