Sat 30 March 2019 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Drama - Nahalat Binyamin 52, Tel Aviv,

Even if we give a little of ourselves but when we give with all the heart this is giving truth.

What is giving?

Giving is something we do for others without expecting change.

Without any intention of making any profit whatever comes from the heart, without regrets.

Is a deep and internal need, and a habit that we must try to do a lot for the other.

This is reflected in many areas of our daily lives, in relationships with our partners, with our surroundings.
When we give of ourselves we do good to us, satisfaction is a tremendous sense of transcendence, a sense of unity.

Giving must be a natural thing which we must adopt and always practice ourselves /

Beit Dror, which has been operating since 2002, provides a temporary solution for youth from all over the country who have been expelled from their homes because of their sexual and / or gender orientation. Some of them left or were expelled from the house against the backdrop of leaving the closet and found themselves lost in the street. Others were taken out of their parents’ custody by the welfare authorities because of physical or mental violence that relates to their sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

We sat and thought, how to create the most wow, most fun, most exciting event … so what’s in the show?

Start at noon (the morning of all of us 🙂) and finish in the evening!
Come to dance, rejoice, jump, laugh, and practice ourselves in opening your heart and giving (:

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