Wed 28 November 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Tmuna Theater - Soncino 8, Tel Aviv,

Yael Tal
boom! I fell in love

Said I saw you in this, well, in a concert,
I said oh, and what did you think? How was?
Said “Oh, I did not stay, I do not like words”
boom! I fell in love.
How a helicopter always interrupts my brain.
Mixing sacred and secular
Between war and love.
Like then facing the sea.
You can undress
You can touch the nearest places
But it’s harder to sing next to someone you might like
As in Auschwitz.
When I went to Poland because I was in love with Alon.

A performance of spoken music about masculinity and femininity and war and love and the war to love.
Musical management and shared destiny: Naama Radler
Piano, singing, bass: Naama Radler
Drums and Heartbeat: Itai Kfir
Viola, Guitars and Charms: Ofer Tevel

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