Fri 7 June 2019 | 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

Ahoy and Nimstosh! We are the most excited (more than all the times we were most excited) to finally publish the line-up to our exciting summer June festival that will come yalla!! 7.6 Lee Talley, Indian Urban Lunch Festival and Vegan Farmers Market for weeks! With a thrilling live performance of Tribuga with the highest level DJs, and bits that you will not be indifferent to, a very long lunch set of hypnotic Ammonite , workshops, authentic Indian food, an artists’ fair, stalls, and full of colors.

The musical spells: a live performance of Treeboga Duo Didge and a variety of ethnic instruments with world-wide, tribal and dance fusion music with electronic touches and the Grove Mountains. Gabriel Kimchi Roy Brosh

Before and After – Yonatan Ammonite King Direct from the beloved production AHAVA ProductionWith a caressing and embracing opening set, which will spread to a variety of directions, and after the performance will rise to a bubbling and enveloping gulch, Yo Mommy we were born ready !! 1

About the production and food Mama Lina Li Tali has an organic vegan kitchen in Florentine with plenty of Indian street foods , Smauga, Momo, Tali Agadi, Nofaye, Chai etc.) Ecological tools, a smile, and lots of love in every bite Paint a heart

during the event
Eitan Gores, the cutest Rastafri in town, , To paint and assemble a work that will become our new background and logo, in cooperation with our favorite street artist Julia Shtengelov , the woman and the foxes,
and the talented Dana Avraham Art , who also supported See her works and lots of prinets at affordable prices! Come and see art in no de miking.

Two special movement workshops with Noa Moses, a veteran floo artist, who has been around for years in the world and recently brought the Flags to Israel, comes to share with you all this fun in an integrated tasting workshop:
hula hoop – dance with a hoop. During the workshop you will learn a cool combination with out-of-body and on-buddy exercises that is also suitable for beginners.
And later, Spinning Flags, a pair of huge cloth flags that create with them a crazy flow, from 0 – combination with two hands and one hand will make you desire more … You can register in advance Noa Mozes recommended to bring a hoop if there!
(We have equipment for workshops but in limited quantities, so please register or bring with you)

In addition to Shavuot – we host a vegan farmer market – a variety of manufacturers from all over the country, with amazing and carefully selected vegan products. Just before the holiday of Shavuot, we allow you to obtain a moral abundance for the holiday – the

kings of the spreadsAso – A food studio straight from Jeroz – with plenty of special spreads at the highest level there are, special combinations, sweet and salty, jams and great cupcakes.

Chocolate for the masses! • COCO – Vegan Chocolate & Cacao Temple • Temple chocolate hysterical and vegan, with options Rowe, potions and healing EA cocoa, and other surprises worth and morality, and tasty as hell.

Adi bud with fresh healthy and delicious – cakes and cookies baked goods and packaging vegan and pampering from ‘Adini sweet – Adini sweets yummy!

bread Shula – bread starter vegan flour filled with organic handmade – no white flour, yeast, sugar or materials that are not good. tastiest and freshest.

the jewelry tribal of Durga Adama with a variety of earrings magical feathers particular, macrame, stones Favors and more, everything is handmade!

Shamba Drum – Ethnic music stand with steel drum made of steel (SHAMBA STEEL TONGUE DRUM) Ethnic, meditative instrument. Each shamba is handmade with a special design. Most of the tools are oriented according to the Pantatonic Scale (PENTATONIC SCALE) tool that comes with a bag and a pair of knockers. Shamba Drums Xai Ning

Jewelry Pendants Special silver Marjsten silver pendants at affordable prices, modern brass jewelry in the spirit of sacred geometry and in general filled with beautiful and accessible things! Noam ‘s charming macrame – Handmade macrame jewelry with amazing necklace studded with stones, special earrings, and the sweetest strawberry decorations there are! do not miss. A second hand stand mainly for clothes, shoes and a few objects ( Atelier Mekler bags) A Netale’s stand Handmade jewelry in ethnic and chaotic style combined with textiles and beads

Our pampering space Papaito is the most fun concert in the city, with a huge covered courtyard, a concert complex, squeezed juices, hollow sound, beers for all, and all the alcohol possible. just kidding. But part of it.

Of course there are plenty of stalls of original and local art.
And you. At 7.6 in the Papaito. Shlomo 29. Take notes.

Schedule will soon
remind us.
At the entrance you will get 15 NIS of sweets, free children, Namaste and lots of love,
Umm Nama Shivaya.

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