Mon 16 July 2018 | 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - Ahuzat Bayit 2, Tel Aviv,

Build your own image object detection application with IBM Power AI

In this workshop we will demonstrates how to use PowerAI Vision Object Detection to detect and label objects within an image based on customized training. You can then easily customize this initial dataset example with your own datasets–without writing any code.
The hands-on workshop will be led by Tal Neeman, IBM Developer Advocate.
Tal Ne’eman is a Developer Advocate in IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator. Responsible to make it easy for developers to use IBM Cloud Platform , Conducts workshops and lectures on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and various technologies that can be used in IBM Cloud Platform to start-ups and developers communities.As a part of been developer advocate Tal is also responsible to developing cloud based applications using micro-services such as Watson Conversation for chatbots, Speech to Text and other NLP-Based and AI services to help other developers start their cloud application faster.

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