Wed 26 February 2020 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv,

What can make a witty video that goes viral in society? Where do you find quality business relationships in the age of social networking? How does a private company podcast succeed in capturing entrepreneurs? And when can a lawsuit turn into a marketing opportunity?

Technology, TheMarker’s high-tech section invites you to a special tech company branding. The meeting will be hosted by Amir Bar-Kol, the social networking director of the Microsoft Israel Development Center; Yael Wiesner-Levy, Vice President of Communications of Lmoniid; Lior Krncl, director of public relations ecosystem Bmandii.kom and the rebel Stern, director of the developer community of Wicks.

The event is designed for entrepreneurs, executives and employees of high-tech, and is part of a series of meetings that we hold community members Facebook our ecosystem – high-tech life .

first beer on us.

The entrance to the event here, however, is contingent on free registry beforehand.

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18:00 gathering

6:30 pm

Moderator talk : Ruthie Levy, editor of The Marker High-Tech and Technology Section

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