Wed 28 March 2018 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 205 NIS

Live Nation Israel and Bluestone Group are very proud to present:


The rave and controversial rapper comes to burn the Barbie in Tel Aviv

Wednesday, March 28 Barbie Ticket price: 205 NIS
Ticket sales will begin today (Wednesday) at 18:00 in the evening

With nearly 500 million views on YouTube and more than a million listeners each month at leading streaming sites, Hopsin is considered one of the rappers in the hip hop world today.

His series of songs ILL Mind of Hopsin has long been an iconic genre, with ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9 releasing one of the best Hip Hop hymns in recent months and one of the best songs in his career

Unlike many of his colleagues, Hopsin, whose trademark is the white contact lenses he uses in his clips and performances, is not ashamed to tell everyone the truth in his face.
His parody video No Words, which ridiculed the “raving” rappers in the scene has earned close to 20 million hits and its castles on rappers such as Tyler de Crieter, Drake and Sologue Boy have attracted much interest in media and social networks.

At the end of 2017, he released his fifth excellent album, No Shame, and at the beginning of March he embarked on a European tour that will eventually arrive in Israel for a single concert at the Barbie club in Tel Aviv
At a time when hip hop is considered the leading genre in the global music industry and one of the most popular genres in Israel, Hopasin’s performance is not an international show that is experienced in Israel every day and is a must for every local hip hop enthusiast.

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