Sat 9 September 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Secret Garden - HaTachana, Prof Yehezekel Kaufmann St 3, Tel Aviv,

It’s probably the first Sunday you’ll experience here, but you’ll know it’s the holiest of them all. Infinite thinking has led us to understand that there is something we have not anticipated in the first, there is some musical purity, a definite and precise line, the ability to really enjoy the cursed day and turn it into our martyr. Opening first gates toward a secret and uninhibited garden.

The atmosphere of the first holiday, the head of the year. The vertex that opens the gates of heaven and the gates of the secret garden. We come especially festive with white stock and flowers, holy dripping everywhere and we are with her. Go with us on a journey throughout the holidays, this is the first step

The central and permanent spot-
The orchard, the most enchanting garden of all, trees full of music and music are tossed and hurled at every similar object in the place, dozens of grillandes surround the place, a single square of people squatting, steps across the air running toward the next destination we want to meet, between sound and sound, The word comes to the desired holiness for the next great first.

Times of Ming Ling vs. Party Times-
22:00 Opening the gates of heaven
Celebrations of the Secret Garden
02:00 The sounds disappear, the sounds remain
04:00 Distinguish between sacred and foreign

The temples –

Naor Nurieli

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