Fri 17 April 2020 | 11:00 am - 7:30 pm
Natural Space for Workshops - Emek Hefer, Emek Hefer,

We are very excited to invite you for an experiential weekend training that is part of establishing a movement!

We live in a time when crowds of people, with a desire for personal development, are exploring the limits of their consciousness in the spaces of depth workshops, secondary materials Consciousness, Exploration of Sexuality, World Travel, Psychedelic Festivals, etc. We support this movement and believe it is doing a lot of good for people and the world, however, this kind of inquiry produces in many people mental, emotional and mental states of stress that have not always been addressed in these

5 years We were part of the founding and management of the “Safe Beach” and “Saif Zon” projects which McKee Expansive water is safe at festivals and nature parties.

As part of these spaces, we supported hundreds of people who experienced mild to severe crises and addressed their need in a way that would benefit them without involving the police and inpatient institutions. As part of these projects, we trained more than 400 volunteers to accompany these cases in Israel and abroad.
It is quite clear to us that there is still plenty of activity of this nature, so we are now in the process of expanding this circle by training additional lenders who will know how to respond to cases they encounter. Organically and will additional safe spaces be established

for whom the training is intended?
We invite A. people who want to do well in the world, whether by supporting people close to them, at work, in the day and at festivals, or by joining or establishing dedicated safe spaces
In addition, we invite therapists and individuals working in private and governmental institutions to deal with mentally challengers, drug victims, at-risk youth, special populations, and anyone whose work meets him in extreme situations.

What is the purpose of training?
The purpose of the training is to provide tools of deep listening, emotional work, loving presence, mindfulness, knowledge of secondary substances, set and sting, inpatient alternatives in Israel and around the world, establishing safe spaces and creating community . The training consists partly of lectures and discourses and mostly of personal and group work through which we learn the principles

of the knowledge sources we work with are the international organizations “Zero” and “Zendo” and work that has been going on since the 1960s. In addition, we use our personal training tools in psychology Transpersonal, the ecumenical (mindfulness-based psychotherapy) and the Satya method

One of the goals of the training is to also train volunteers for beach activities at parties and festivals as well as for other projects that exist in Israel in the field
at the moment. Of Volunteers Registered for Canceled Events
We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to come to the training only if its content is of interest to you and relevant to you, regardless of beach volunteering
However, it is important for us to say that new volunteers at the beach are always

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