Mon 4 February 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

The Wild Duo HIPPIE SABOTAGE is first arriving in Tel Aviv ●

~ 4.2.2020 ~ Barby TA ~~

After breaking the bill of 95 million views on YouTube – the dynamic duo HIPPIE SABOTAGE arrives to pick up the Barby!

● ● ●

Coin brothers and Jeff Sauer, aka Hippie Sabotage, together in 2005 in their hometown of Sacramento. Influenced by the Northern California skateboarding and indie culture of smoky Northern California, they created a unique sound that sounded like complete freedom – somewhere between the border-breaking Lowe-Fee and the shaky electronics. In the thirteen years that have passed since – they released iPhones, albums, and broad-based hits, they have appeared on huge stages such as Lulapaloosa, Bonaro and Electric, and have worked their way up to the top of the Billboard parade. They were also able to collaborate with global pop phenomena like Eli Golding and Tuba Lou ~

Hippie Savage, as their name implies, is a wild encounter between low basses and alternating bits, hip hop doped to edgy EDM. They are the impossible and so necessary combination between Childish Gambino and Rage Agnest de Machin, timeless riffs and West Coast-style psychedelia. Their live performance is nothing short of “organized chaos” – a one-time experience that keeps the audience on edge frantically until the last minute ~

us coming (for the first time in the Middle East) as part of their World Tour – Direction of dreams ~

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