Thu 25 October 2018 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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The neighboring queen has so much beauty inside her. Much of this beauty comes in the form of wet canyons, which are the central part of the trip to Jordan in the fall. The opening of the tourist season in the Middle East can not be more festive. Four full days of walking and nights under a million stars. Among the reserves we will visit: the Hammad Nature Reserve, the Arvur Nature Reserve, the Dana Nature Reserve and the Lower Arnon Reservation. The trip is complete economy, the minibus is close and includes sleeping space.

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The trip with Oren Karaso

About the trip:

The hike is for hiking enthusiasts and walking enthusiasts. There is no need for previous experience.
Full economy trip (morning, noon and evening).
The trip includes sleeping space (equipping with sack and tent only).
The trip includes an adjacent minibus.
The trip includes logistics and adjacent administration, including equipment transfers (walking in day bags only).
A list of equipment and other details will be sent to subscribers by separate email.
Maximum group size: 20 hikers.

Trip Plan:

Walking Day 1 – Wadi Hamed Border Crossing:

Early in the morning, we will cross the southern border crossing to the Jordan River (near Kibbutz Eilot) and go to the Jordanian Arava road. We are expected to travel quite a long time, since we need to encircle the north of the mountains of Edom and the mountains of Moab. We will take advantage of the trip from early morning and night trips to Jordan. Our destination on the same day will be Wadi Haned, which will reach the Moab Range. Lunch will be distributed to us before the start of the route and after we travel in the creek about 2-3 we will return to the bus to reach the area of ​​the area. We will organize the encampment and enjoy sweet, hot Bedouin, coffee and, of course, dinner in the light of the fire.

Walking Day 2 – Nahal Gvir Canyon:

After a wonderful breakfast, we will take the bus to the Nahal Gvir Canyon – a deep canyon with steep upright rock walls and water all along it. There may be pools that require full wetting and even short swimming. Lunch is eaten inside the mall as a landslide. An impressive experience! We will finish the stream in the late afternoon and we will reach the site where we will build the camp and enjoy all the advantages of the Bedouin hospitality of the previous night.

Walking Day 3 – Dana River Reserve:

Breakfast .. and hop, go out. This day will be dedicated to hiking trails in the Dana Reserve – one of the largest and most protected reserves in the Kingdom of Jordan. In the reserve are ibexes, various birds and generally have all that remains of the animal kingdom of Jordan and will discuss this subject throughout the day. The reserve is characterized by red and white sandstone rocks in a variety of shapes, shapes and colors. In some parts of the reserve there is running water but in principle this day is not a classic water course like the other tracks, and the vast majority are dry but beautiful. Toward the end of the day, we will return to the bus and women will head toward the camp for a last resort. Coffee, tea, hot and tasty food and everything that comes out of it.

Day 4 – The Arnon Reserve and return to Israel:

We’ll get up early in the morning, have a nice breakfast and get on the bus. This day will be dedicated to the lower shopping mall of the mighty Arnon River. One of the most impressive of the Moab streams, and some may say that in some ways even the most impressive of them. The route itself is not long and will probably take about 3 hours from the entrance to the reserve, up to the waterfall and back, including a long time of splashing and admiring the waterfall. Lunch will be eaten at the exit from the route at the visitors’ center, and then we will board the bus and start heading south towards the border crossing. We will be arriving around 17:00.

Cost of the trip:

11-9 Tourists: 2,550 NIS.
12 people and more: 2,200 NIS.

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