Tue 20 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv,

If you feel stuck somewhere in your life – in your career, in relationships, in unfulfilled dreams … or if you seek healing for something in your body, or in your soul … anything will find its best solution on Healing’s experiential evening in a healing space.

Without the need for lengthy diagnosis or expensive individual care, each participant and participant will receive and receive the unique energy frequencies tailored specifically for him and her and several participants will even receive a personal message from their top instructor.

What will happen in the evening? Come on, recognize, embrace, and each and every one will express what they want to focus on tonight. Then I will lead you on an experiential healing journey through guided meditation. At the end of the journey we will share and hear experiences.

What to bring? To come in comfortable clothing, Longi can be wrapped in a bottle of water. It is advisable to bring a personal crystal to hold near you. The crystal will absorb the special frequencies that will be streamed and loaded for you, allowing you to take the healing and continue the move at home.

A little about me: My name is Tamara Or Salilat, a hilarious poet and painter, studying and practicing energetic healing for over 30 years. I learned a lot of methods like Reiki, the forces of David, the language of light, universal energy, Theta Healing, the Gate, and more, and finally I developed Healing’s approach in healing space which both makes a shortcut to the process of energetic healing and is also optimized for man.

*** Entrance with a recommended donation of 50 NIS. **** You

have a cold and hot drinking area, toilet, waiting area and yard. For further

questions and details: 053-9310811 Daria.

A little wonder:
********* ******
meeting place and gathering for anyone whose heart seeks to open up, to connect and love.
space meets lectures, workshops, and other events varied aimed at promoting love through a guarantee, tolerance and giving.
room to open our hearts and minds and finding other partners to build a better world.
island Sanity and love in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The wonder is powered by dedicated volunteers who love their faith.
Invited and invited to come, experience, empower, empower, get excited and just be.

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