Sat 9 February 2019 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Beit HaYotzer - Kaf Gimel Yordei ha-Sira St 1, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS

A double show of the Artesbane, the modern melodic metal and the metal telescope, the Acapella Metal Choir.


Haleskor is a global phenomenon in the making. Metal without guitars. No drums. No musical instruments. The cappella ensemble is composed of about 30 singers who, under Noa Grohman’s conducting and processing baton, performed choral performance for rock and metal anthems of all time. 2018 Laskour was already a foothold in the world’s heavy rock community after participating as a chorus in legendary bands such as Amorphis and Orphaned Land after participating in festivals in Europe and proving to everyone that these two different worlds can be combined – heavy metal kicking and classical choir


Hartesbane plays melodic rock, sometimes heavy, sometimes poetic, always moving. There is no decade in the rock world that Artesbine has overlooked – from the victorious guitars of the 1980s, through the conquering songwriting of the Nineties, the soul of the 1970s and the smart arrangements of the last decade. In 2018 the band, led by Lev Kreziner, one of the most esteemed melodic soloists in Israeli metal, managed to perform on stages in Israel, England and Estonia. In 2019, the band is to release a first-generation EP.

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