Tue 24 December 2019 - Fri 27 December 2019 | 1:00 pm
Dov Hoz Community Centre - Dov Hoz 16, Tel Aviv,

We will celebrate Hanukkah with miracles, wonders, neighbors and the community. You’re welcome to join us for the various activities.

24 December 15: 00-13: 00 – Ninja-Israel-style challenge obstacle course, led by Tamir Nahor. For children in third grade and above.
16:30 – A neighborhood event lights up in the center square. Lighting of festive and community candles, in collaboration with the parents’ committee of the Tel Nordau School.
Free entrance.

Thursday, December
26, 13: 00-11: 00 – A capoeira and acrobatics workshop under the guidance of Ariel Elia.
For children of third grade and above. Price: $ 50 with pre-registration> https://bit.ly/2PbMyKg .
4:30 pm – A neighborhood event lights up in the Ruth Garden. Free entrance.
19:00 – Lighting festive candles for veterans. Free entrance.
19: 30- Film screening for children ages 12-9. Free admission

Fri 27.12
10am – 3pm – The playground is open. $ 20 for one-time entry | $ 5 for digital holders.
12: 00-10: 00 “Children Selling ” Fair in the Center Square – Children selling old toys and earning Chanukah fees. The children will be able to sell toys, books, cookies, lemonade, etc., at a cost of up to $ 5.
10: 00- Presentation “singing city” Train Theater. Suitable for ages 3-7 .

Tonight, in the Boom-Trah neighborhood, a festive concert will be held starring the acclaimed harpist – gentle. But the neighborhood lies in the noisy city, where there are busy roads, shopping centers, tumbling washing machines, ringing phones and particularly loud neighbors. How delicate will you play in this noise? Hila and Liat, a duo, mischievous bulldozers, set out on a quest to silence the city to help Delina if they could do so before the big concert.

The entire show takes place on the bodies of the actresses, combined with objects, sounds, pops and dolls.

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