Fri 7 December 2018 | 1:02 pm - 6:02 pm
Double Standard - Dizengoff 247, Tel Aviv,

We’re called Double Standard but friends call us “double”. This time we decided to take it a step further towards Chanukah and celebrate two holidays at the same time, Chanukah and Qwanza. That’s how Hanukwannese was born.
We love Chanukah, but we also love to innovate. So this year we will combine and celebrate Hanukwannese in the best tradition with a modern twist.

Near Hanukkah, an African-American festival called Kawansa was celebrated. The quanza is based on principles of unity, self-determination, cooperative work, cooperative economy, purpose, creativity and faith (we loved the message).
Like Hanukkah, during the seven days of the quanza, when each day symbolizes another principle, candles are lit in a “kinara” (an object resembling a menorah).
The Quanza ceremonies include African drums and alcoholic drinks (begin to connect?).

So this year we invite you, the citizens of the world, and the country mainly, to celebrate with us a combination of cultures that will include:

– Donuts. But not just donuts. Well there will be those with jam in the middle, but we have a fetish for those of something extravagant indulgences.

– A DJ with conflict A belonging that will play African tribal music or foreign “Afro House” against remixes of “We came to expel darkness”

– cocktails inspired by the Second Temple and African heritage.

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