Thu 23 August 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Jasper Johns - Dizengoff 190, Tel Aviv,

From here to there it has been five years …
five years!!!
We do not know what about you but we are super excited and do not even begin to digest that it took five years from the moment our oldest son in Tel Aviv was born!
In the past five years we have known, fallen in love, created, discovered so many amazing people, entertained, celebrated, drank, enjoyed, hugged, and enjoyed every moment!

The first thing we want to say to you is a huge thank you!
Thank you with all your heart that you are part of this family called Jasper Jones and thank you for making us realize our dreams !!!

Five-year celebrations require a five times more extreme event!
So pay attention –
A 36-hour party in the best tradition (we all know that it will be out for much more than 36 hours) / Weekend 23-25 ​​/ 8 from 9pm Thursday to 9am Saturday or until you fall off the legs / indefinite time of a dream that is reality!

On the nanny side –
They will catch up with you and make you dance:
Assaf Yosef / Itamar Ben Zaken / Lika Ramirez / Dudi Issachar / Tzahik / Eyal Goldman AKA Punk Sintra / Or Tsalkovnik / Ofir Taco / Maor Nunberg EK Mojon
** Lineup will be published in real time **
A drastic visual from the uncompromising mind of Uri, Director of the ECA Doctor

As in the past, this time we will surprise with a secret room that will take you through a hallucinatory and unexplained experience, one that will put your hair on your back …

The DRINKS menu is surprising on the basis of the perfect gin – TANKERY!

and also –
Between Thursday and Friday, starting at 4:00 AM, we will be hosting a party of pajamas, summer edition. You are invited to bring your pajamas in the bag or to arrive with it in advance … Remember much more fun dancing in your pajamas!

We’ve got a lot of superlative gifts to share so do not be shy, you’ll demand!

We will not reveal the rest of the fun here, let us be surprised …

Five years ladies! Fucking five years !!

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