Mon 5 November 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Tzvata Tel Aviv - Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv,

I’ve been working on a new show for over a year.
When I started I did not understand what journey I was leaving but as I progressed I realized that it was something much bigger than me.
I never invested so much love in one thing.
On November 5, “Space” will be performed for the first time in the big hall.
At the moment there is one concert and there are no more dates. So if you want to get a gift that I want to give you, go to Link and choose a chair (what do you have you never ordered?)

And now what is space?
Space is a difficult performance to explain in words, but it is harder to explain without words. It’s a performance that is not an appearance, it’s more an experience, or an adventure or even a journey into our hearts and those around us.
The hall and the audience that make up the space are the appearance, and as mentioned, this is not a performance that confuses the reader and explains to him more clearly that this is a difficult performance to explain in words.
And yet imagine something fun and spiritual but also very funny and simple and childish and speaks in a language we are not used to hearing even though it will be in Hebrew.

Written and directed by: Tal Menkes
Piano and occasional nonsense: Autumn Achai
Dancers, actresses, flight attendants and fire: Tal Magen and Talia Bik
Organizations and mental support: Amir Bar Or
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes – starts on time

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