Fri 14 June 2019 | 12:00 pm
Hamat Gader - Hamat Gader, Hamat Gader,

You’re probably wondering what was with all that suspense… So here it is!

Hakuna Bachata – Bachata Nation’s annual camping event vol 4. Is going live!

After the success of last year, and the year before, and since we all know third time is a charm – we have decided to spoil you with the amazing location of “Hamat Gader”!
24 hours of sun, fun, bachata, pools, friends and good vibes!

So, what do we have in store for those 24 hours?
* Music played nonstop, from the moment we arrive till the moment we leave brought to you by the top leading DJ’s in Israel!
* Tents with A/C!
* Pool with a waterslide!
* Hot springs!
* Jacuzzi stations and a giant bubble pool!
* Cooking areas, barbecue stands, a refrigerated room to keep all your food until cooking dinner with friends!
* Drinking games, alcohol treats and more and more and more!
* Morning stretching class – brought to you by the one and only – Guy Partush!
* Surprises and treats like Bachata Nation always loves to give and treat!

Location: “Hamat Gader” resort
Time: 14/6-15/6, Friday-Saturday (So no work excuses)
Cost: 210 NIS
Payment and registration: in order to register you need to fill out the form on the link below. (Please note the notes)


What should your backpack hold?
A swimsuit, a towel, and maybe a sheet that’s old
No dancing shoes or pretty clothes
With what we got in store for you – You’re gonna get wet, from head to toes!
Food for 24 hours is a must
There are shopping centers in the area, but going out of the compound will be a total bust
Bring some anti-mosquito cream
And some earplugs, if you actually plan on trying to dream
A game of cards or so, in case we drop off our feet
A sweatshirt or a sweater, in case it gets cold and $hit

So to stop the rhymes, cause I’ve said enough
I’ll let you off by saying you either come with a great mode, or we’ll simply into the water, drop you off.

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