Thu 4 April 2019 - Fri 5 April 2019 | 5:30 pm - 11:00 am
Life at Soluto - Rothschild 39, Tel Aviv,


So after years we have received repeated complaints from you about the disgraceful conditions of high-tech workers. We decided to get up and do an Hackaton. Trouble at the first high tech is underway! It’s time to put an end to trouble and find solutions! If not we then who? Enough to complain. Get ready!

The Hakaton will be held on Thursday at 17:30 PM and will end on Friday morning with the judges announcing the winning team, the first and second place winners will receive equal prizes, and the rest will win world fame among the high-tech community. Abundance and lots of surprises.

You are invited to register alone or as a group. Come up with an idea or join an existing project. Do you have everything but you lack a designer? Talk to us! But be quick to register because the number of seats is limited to 100 participants!

Let’s end the trouble in high-tech!
The Hakaton Team

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