Sun 3 March 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Abraxas - אברקסס - לילינבלום 40, Tel Aviv,

Meal Betach Eyal Shani Weber Shish Oldschool It ‘s Whive – With the Guta It’ s Whive Twice!

The Gypsy-Mediterranean Groove Collective is set to pick up the Abraxes in the air as part of the Spring Festival and to record a second album with a mileage of more than 500 performances over the past four years throughout the country, Europe and the United States.

From Dan to Eilat, from the Hudson to the Mississippi – the tight crowd already knows how it works – when Guta Guta is on the stage, you can not dance with your heart and get excited through your legs.

Guta Guta bring colorful stripes of sounds and experiences gathered in their travels around the world, together with traditional and modern musical instruments, creating a rich and direct sound mix that combines East and West with a clear message of coexistence and connection between worlds.

Abraxas Lilienblum 40 Tel Aviv 3.3 Opening Doors: 19:00 Start of the show: 22:00 Free entrance It is recommended to book in advance!

Aviv Castet: Guitar, bouzouki and vocals Amitai Mann: clarinet, guida and song Janusz Horowitz: Accordion and Synthesizer Meidad Cohen: Bass Meir Yaniger: Drums

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