Fri 15 February 2019 | 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Art Club - Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv,

Hello Friends!
We are glad to inform you that we still make our special legal underground market at cool Urban backyard in the middle of Florentine. Tons of good vibes, music, food, art and artmosphere.

Lineup below.
But first about a dish 🀩
We Plove You!!! Plov…
It’s a special, authentic Uzbek cousin, made on woods fire. Pilaf or Plov in native language. It’s a…. Ok you know what? Just come and try!
Two kinds of plove Vegan with shrooms, pine and garlic and Meat with lamb, beef, garlic, risings. Mmmm
More pics and videos here

Hot wine with spices (glintwine).
BBQ Specials.

πŸ“Bar Briut with fresh squeezed juices and cocktails based on fruits and vegetables.

Fun for kids at a day time.


πŸ€14:00 Handmade bazaar with special prices! Don’t forget to buy presents for your lovers! 🌺

β¦πŸ’  14:00-16:00
dj Popalova feat Ron Peretz
(funk, beat, hiphop. Vynil set)

A performance by DJ Popalova and singer Ron Peretz. Ron’s original materials are translated into Moroccan and are produced in the hip hop and RNB styles and integrate the new and old world together.

πŸ₯— 15:00 PLOV is ready! (Meat & Vegan special authentical dish)

πŸ’  16:00-18:00
Live Crazy Band! To be announced soon!

10 shekel magic hat.

See you at Friday magic afternoon! 😍
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