Thu 11 January 2018 | 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Har Tsion Corner - Neve Shaanan, Tel Aviv,

Spiritczualic and SolarSoundSystem are proud to present :
** A Sudanese-Solar Lunch Afternoon on the Neve Sha’anan Traffic Island **

On Thursday we will hold a festive lunch outside the Sudanese SudaNess restaurant, right on the traffic island in the corner of Neve Shaanan and Mount Zion, Tel Aviv. Pure and free energy from the sun is drawn through the solar sound system of the TelAviv.SolarSoundSystem.

Nicolas Sheikholeslami (Çaykh) is a collector and record player of rare and excellent music from the Horn of Africa: Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti. This lovable and bewitched guy is even nominated this year for the prestigious Grammy Award, in the category of best historical album, for his wonderful journey in Somalia.

Nicolas was buried in dusty, shapeless archives of Somali music from the Golden Age of this fascinating country, and found coils buried in the ground under the bombing of the Civil War. The music of Somalia in the ’60s-80s was recorded only on tape and VHS tapes in a “pirated” way, drawn from the national radio broadcasts and snatched during live performances. In his many searches and ‘digs’ towards the highly acclaimed Somali music project, our Sheikh also found Sudanese music which was a very beloved foreign music in Somalia at the time.

Right before Nico leaves for the Grammy Awards, and after completing his stay at the beautiful ArtBnB international artist residence project at HaMiffal هميفعل המפעל in Jerusalem, we will celebrate with him an opportunity to play delightful Sudanese music among South Tel Aviv residents.

On Thursday, January 11, 2018, we will take control of a traffic island in front of the SudaNess restaurant, for a moment of collective and bridging insanity.

>> What you will find there: <<
— Sudanese music from Nicholas’ special collection (along with additional touches from the Extended African Fund)
— A solar sound system of the International Solar Sound System project, which operates in Paris, Lausanne, Berlin, the Basque region and Tel Aviv (and live broadcast from the site at the S3 site)
— Delicious Sudanese food at an affordable price * Truly for everyone * – sponsored and contemplated restaurant across the street
— Drinking (including beer) is provided by the neighboring shop, specializing in tools

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