Sun 26 August 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv,

**** Greek Mythology Exhibition at the “Kuli Alma” ****
11 artist, each with their own unique style and interpretation of classic mythology stories.
Everything from dark ink drawings, to colorful jar-sculptures 🙂
We will also be selling prints, postcards, and various works of the artists involved.
Looking forward to seeing you!


Ofir Arditi
Graduate of Bezalel, formerly a 3D artist in the advertising and entertainment industries, and for the last decade, art director and designer in the gaming field.
Enthusiast of monster drawings, animation, games and other geeky pastimes.

Hi, I’m Sara:) I’m an illustrator in a gaming company. I like drawing characters, reading fantasy books and watching Marvel and Disney

Hi I’m Anorma Lee
a designer, an artist and a public speaker. most of my free time i”m spending on designing, drawing, taking photos, and sculpting.
Love you all!

Hi my name is Olga
and I studied Concept Design in the IAC in 2014.
Today I work as an Illustrator for a gaming company and enjoy doing art for a living.

My painting in the exhibition is about a goddess of the river – Styx.
Styx is known for helping Zeus in the war and in return her name became a binding oath. She also represents the river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld
See you at Kuli Alma 🙂

Hi my name is Yarin the King,
a graduate of Bezalel academy in the animation department. I’m currently working as an animator in a gaming comapny called “Netomedia”.
I love spending my time drawing, gaming, vanilla ice creaming, annoying people with the name “Ravid”, petting cats, being sad, depressed, pessimistic and enjoying my beautiful life.
I’ve been waiting for this exhibition for a very -very- long time, working days and nights. I hope you’ll be there and have a good time.

Yoni here.
I’ve been a 2D animator since graduating from the Bezalel Art Academy in the early 2000’s.
My major influences are Will Eisner and Los Bros Hernandez.

Hey every one, My name is Shahar Teldan
and I am a 2d animator from Ramat Gan, I love illustrating and sculpting figures. I admire Michaelangelo and Bernini and get a lot of inspiration from them.
For the Kuli-alma exhibition, I chose the young Narcissus as my subject, self-love is great, but when it paralyzing and controlling every other aspect of your nature it becomes deadly for oneself and others.

I invite you all to our Kuli-alma exhibition
and hope you will have fun!
Shahar Teldan

Hadas Brandes (GadaS)
Currently from Tel Aviv,
Originally from Kibbutz,
Animator in education (BFA at Bezalel),
UIX Designer at days,
Artist of Post-Apocalyptic abonimations at at nights,
Illustrator and painter.
All works at
Inspired by – disturbing books, dystopian films, and the very horrors of life itself.
Favorite technique – ink and pens in sketchbook.
Main Diet – orange juice

Adi Perets
A graduate of the Minshar School of Art, I illustrate, design characters, and do concept art and model drawing.
My main influences are American cartoons, and real life.
I work as an illustrator at a game company.

Ilay Zemah
I am a self-taught illustrator, concept artist, character and background designer.
I work as an illustrator at a game company.
My major influence is comics, both American and French/Belgian.

Hi, I’m Danielle,
I am an illustrator and graduate of the animation department of Bezalel.
I illustrate at a game company, and also swing-dance, for almost two years.
I like sunflowers, aged Bamba and kabukim.
Come see me at our exhibit at the Kuli Alma!

Tal – video artist

Tuval Mor
In my past I worked as a tattoo artist,nowadays I work as an illustrator,studied concept art in iac

See you there!
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