Thu 22 March 2018 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Jaffa Beach - Jaffa Beach, Tel Aviv,


Do you feel called to do something different and contribute to this planet in some way?

A Global Water Meditation with “Cantoalagua” where hundreds of water-keepers in different locations around the world will synchronise their intentions and hearts on Thur 22nd March at the same time to offer a blessing of love and gratitude for the water on our planet Earth. As we come together with intention, we have the ability to create and transform our world around us.

We will gather by the sea and offer a blessing through our voice with a simultaneous meditation and intonation of the syllable “AH”, sung with the energy of love, gratitude and compassion towards the waters of our body and the waters of the planet.

As we unite our energies, we create a channel of love and healing that will energise and heal our waters… This is the time the Earth needs our attention for our waters and everything she brings life to.

If you feel a connection and feel inspired to contribute positively to our planet in this way, then join us and bring your light and intention to this special global event.

Cantoalagua is an environmental and cultural movement and initiative created in Colombia that seeks to generate reflection in the population about water, its importance and its problems.

It is a song that is born from each heart, with the intention of healing the waters of each territory so that together they can awaken our conscience and heal the waters of the entire planet. This song has become a force led by union and cooperation. Far from being a message of resistance, protest or opposition, Cantoalagua is energy that is born from the sound created with loving and conscious intention, capable of transforming and creating a new reality for the planet. The actions and changes that come from this co-created song are the manifestation of this energy, and part of the change and collective awakening.

* Friends
* An open heart
* Any instruments if you wish
* You may bring crystals or precious stones you are happy to offer to the sea
* Something to sit on the beach
* Glass bottle / jar if you wish for water

*Jaffa Beach – right at the end of the Tayelet

* Jerusalem
* Kinneret
Please PM to find out about these locations

If you want to help / participate / create your OWN GROUP or simply get more involved please PM Emily Sal

Thank you xx

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