Sat 24 November 2018 | 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Gan Aiden - Lilenblum 22, Tel Aviv, 20 NIS

Did you know that Ya-Laa is the Hebrew analog of the American’s Arriba? We are proud to say that we do!

Vibes: Hip Hop, Glitch and Techno House
Lineup: soon will be published

2 tickets types:
20 NIS – EARLY entry till 14:00
40 NIS – entry WHENEVER you want

~~~Hebrew will be followed shortly~~~

So Arriba and Welcome to our upcoming event – Mexico in Aiden’s (Eden) Garden. In this last November Saturday, we are going to host a lunch party in the theme of Mexican Paradise.

Please take a moment to imagine how a Mexican Paradise should look like and dress accordingly. All outfits, big and small, outrageous and minimal, are welcome*.

We, a bunch of Mexican illegal immigrants, have decided that after successfully avoiding the immigration authorities for another Mexican quarter, it is time to make some party!

Lucky enough is our young (and healthy) Mexican architect who has managed to fool the locals and scored a studio in one of the best parts of Tel Aviv – Yafo.

You are invited to come and see how a proper Mexican party looks like and enjoy our unique costumes and traditions. As a contributor to the Mexican immigration affairs, you will be required to donate 40 NIS at the entrance.

Don’t worry about being too sober for this Party!

We have managed to smuggle vast quantities of Tequila, Vodka (thanks to the Russian Mafia), Rum (a collaboration with the Caribbean smugglers) and naturally, a lot of Coka (Cola)!

So bring your A game cuz we are looking forward to seeing YOU.

* Please take note to respect other guests feelings and believes in acting in a manner that will not invade anybody’s personal space.

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