Sat 18 August 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Cuckoo's Nest - Noam 3, Tel Aviv, 20 NIS

Our journey continues and brings us to the amazing gallery of the cuckoo’s nest!
Curling between the arches through sounds, movements and colors.
From the desert to the sea. Between past and future. Ethnicity is wrapped in psychedelic electronics.
As befitting the amazing space we hosted, we saw the need to expand the celebration and turn it into an urban organic festival with live performances, electronic feasts, local artists’ market, exhibition, live painting, tattoos, chill corners and more surprises …
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Dry Details:
20:00, Saturday, 18.8, Gallery (2nd floor) The Cuckoo’s Nest, Noam 3, Jaffa.
Tickets (entrance) – 20 NIS until 21:00, 30 after.
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Wet details:
✺Al Zamir
Composer and guitarist, creator and performer in Israel and abroad, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Jerusalem Academy of Music. In 2011 he published his debut album “In Good Spirit”. In 2014 he published his second album “Complementary Opposites” Of 14 musicians, and in 2014 he built the Sirena, a musical instrument that merges the neck of another and the body of an electric guitar, and began performing with it in various ensembles (Solo, with pianist Adi Rennert, electronics man Yehezkel Raz and others).
Eran comes to us with the siren, oud and digital tools in his new solo project that continues the development of the nightingale into the world of electronics out of curiosity and research. Electronic bits, electrified strings, hallucinations.

✺ Funkammal
In the past two years, Moti and Neria have gone out with their funky camel on a journey to spread electronic music in all its varieties. From parties in leading pubs and clubs in the city and the world through many festivals and to nature parties they are everywhere and do not stop playing ethnic music on low, high and deep bits combined with melodies from Maghreb to Levant.

✺tel Wallner-Ignat Rochlin
The pair of music and consciousness researchers will join forces in the set moving from the deep pantimo to the psychedelic Passionant with another electric and saxophone. Trip between India, Africa, Iraq and Turkey.

✺ The live-Sahar Ben-Natan talented painting will connect the lines, points, tones and emotions to create a beautiful memory and will bring his works to a special exhibition.

✺ Tattoos – rare hosting of the esoteric tattoos artist Psychedelic points and abstract Mickey Reeve comes to us for an event to strip and dress you with the unique tattoo you always wanted.

✺ Local Artists Market:
✦ Handmade Jewelry by Noam Nadiv – Works that you have not yet seen with natural gemstones, black pearls and other design genius that you did not think exists and can still be worn!
✦ Makrama and special style clothing created by Roni Litai, hand-made, inspired by wild nature.
✦ Rustys Nut Butters & Treats – Israeli nut spreads combined with organic ingredients such as maple, coconut, cocoa and more. All spreads are vegan, gluten free, tasty and healthy!

✺ “Crossroads” exhibition – cooperation between Collectivitim and the Efenpost Gallery of Hamburg. 8 artists from Europe and 8 local artists will present original works that meet the contemporary urban art scene in Israel and its counterpart in Europe.

In addition to all (!!) it has a stunning roof, chill corners and fun wive as there is only in Jaffa!
So as you understood, we took care of everything that was necessary, and you only had to come and enjoy all the goodness this world has to give!

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