Tue 16 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Jaffa Port - Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv,

Every six months, the moon, sun and Earth come into alignment, sometimes in neater lines than others. There is a lunar eclipse, sometimes full, sometimes partial, and a solar eclipse, sometimes total, sometimes partial, two weeks apart. Then we go on with our lives. The effects of the blocked light linger a little.

From mine, clients’, and friends’ lives, I hear intensity all around as we approached the 2 July total solar eclipse (visible from west South America, and South Pacific, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL6QX5SPxgk if you’re interested in a virtual viewing).

In two weeks, we’ll witness a partial eclipse, live, irl.
Join us to prepare for the viewing with a shared meal, cosmic positioning, guided meditation, and chatter about the calm and clatter in your lives, minds, and hearts. Afterwards, for those who can stay, we will watch the eclipse which begins at 23:00

The moods in this month’s cosmological weather are swirling around our own nourishment and home and emotional well-being, confused by – how am I being perceived professionally, is it too much, enough, authentic, sustainable (earth-wise, income-wise, and emotion-wise)? Being out there, and in here. There is a new-ness, and a, “Am I really ready??”-ness.

We will gather under the stars by the sea in Jaffa.

Bring: food to share, 70 shekels, something warm as there’s a chill in the sea-breeze (believe me!), love, your issues, compassion, hugs, and laughter.

Feel free to share this invite; the gathering is open to ALL, and you are welcome to share in your own language.
PM me to confirm as space is very limited.

You’re also welcome to contact me with any questions.

Looking forward to hosting you 🙂
So much Love, and Support,
Margot <3

I am a body-psychotherapist trained in the Biosynthesis technique, with an MPhil in Life-Writing, and BA Hons cum laude in Psychology. I have worked with astrology since 2002, having studied with some of the most wonderful and wisest astrologers around the world. I play, paint, write, dance, just like you 😉
I work one-on-one in person and via Skype, and have been holding groups around astronomical events, usually the full moon, for the last ten years in Cape Town, Jerusalem, and Jaffa.

I am most interested in reconnecting us with the natural cycles of time, as well as connecting individuals with their own natural rhythms.
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