Thu 20 December 2018 | 10:22 pm - 11:59 pm
Abarbanel 5 - Abarbanel 5, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

Love Foundation
Birthday electrifying celebration!
Love Foundation celebrates 365 amazing days of active and love.
We collected the best minds to warm up the winter for our birthday –
Love is One Year young!
In the past year we have created and dreamed in big scales, produced love events and did not compromise on the quality of the music, art, audience and values ​​of Love foundation. In every event we thought about how to give more, to promote, to improve, and all from joyful purpose and community spirit that is blowing in our hearts.

We’ll tell you that we’re planing an evening that the whole city will hear about, an evening of music, European melodies and more surprises. Because the best way to celebrate a birthday is to give gifts to the community that we love most in the world!

Yes yes gifts, so let’s get started:
Señora – Spain
We are excited to bring back to Israel the brain behind one of Barcelona’s most interesting underground projects, Señora.
Señora has been playing nonstop for many years at every prestigious club in Barcelona and in the Taffer festival that takes place in the city every year.
Due to the large number of performances, one of the duo recently moved to Berlin, where their music spreads like wildfire and conquers every good part of Europe with their amazing ability to combine high quality electronics with punk, acid, oil bass and ethnic and authentic melodies.
Recently, the duo released a number of tracks that conquer the charts in Beatport and other charts so we caught one of them available at just the right moment to celebrate our birthday!

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