Sat 22 September 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

I am very happy to inform you of the 30th anniversary of the album “Stories from the Box”!
Excited to play the songs from this album – some of them have never been performed on stage. God

06.09 Barbie in Tel Aviv – The tickets are sold out!
14.09 Barbie in Tel Aviv – The tickets are sold out!
22.09 Amfi Shuni – The tickets are sold out!
10.11 – Baraka, Beer Sheva
27.11- Barbie Tel Aviv

After the groundbreaking “Plonter”, Rami Fortis’s second album “Stories from the Box,” an album that has been described many times since his release, arrived in 1988 as a masterpiece of Israeli rock and as one of the most influential and influential albums in the history of local music.
To mark the 30 th anniversary of the album, which is full of hits and this important piece (“The Dawn of the Sunrise”, “Monster Cat”, “Planet of the Apes”, “No Connection”), And other fans from Beit Fortis, as well as new materials from the last album.

Winter 87. The Minimal Compact band, which was active in Europe, fell apart. Rami Fortis and Barry Sakharof continued to create together and did not know where they were going. The “box” of “Stories from the Box” is none other than the television box, which was running in the background while Fortis and Sakharof would spend time together, playing with guitars and writing songs in front of the screen, which featured headlines about the first intifada in Israel. Meanwhile, at the same time, to the east of Brussels, the winds of democracy began to blow in the city of Berlin close to their hearts, where they spent a period with their former composition, although its wall has not yet fallen.

Between Brussels, where the duo lived, to Berlin, Tel Aviv and Hebron, the album “Stories from the Box” was created. Inspired by a growing sense of alienation, the distance and proximity to the country, and the emotional earthquake of a crumbling communist world in Central Europe, one can hear the spirit of the period that permeated the poems of Fortis, the first songs he wrote in Hebrew in ten years. The album has been a great success in Israel, establishing Fortis and Sakharof’s partnership for years to come, and providing the alternative sounds of the Corus guitar, the cool electronic look and post-punk aesthetics to wide local audiences through a series of genre-oriented radio hits.

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