Thu 14 June 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit Kandinof - Hatzofim 14, Tel Aviv,

When you are in something, your perception is limited. Your knowledge is painted by experience and the possibilities are defined as you set for a course of outcome. The serie of actions becomes systematic as you know what works and what doesn’t. Or you think you do. But what if you let go?

Then, the flow takes over. Your experience turns into a secondary tool and assists your journey but it will not define it. Whatever happens on the way will. To surrender to the unknown is scary but you might reach places you have never been nor seen.

Alex Gunnarsson is an experimental visual artist from Sweden who abandoned her colours for a safe life. She found her way back to them after a series of difficult decisions. Decisions that made her feel again, even fly. She lives in Tel Aviv since two years and have been staging colour performances since the day she decided to move here.

FLOW is a collection of what the artist refers to as “left overs” from her visual journeys, which takes off on different kind of backdrops such as canvas, paper, foils, wood and more. In her latest work she has traveled far. She went to space and came back.

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