Sun 30 September 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Alphabet - Ahad Ha'Am 54, Tel Aviv,

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the flight of a LIFE TIME! 

In a short while we will embark on an extraordinarily long flight with the participation of all the best airliners in the aviation world. We invite you to enter flight mode, disconnect from the screen and fly high and high. 

Our airport has 3 terminals, from which regular flights depart from a number of gates, accompanied by a fleet of no less than 100 crew members, including the most flight attendants, flight controllers and squadrons in the world. 

Complete flight schedule: 

00 0000 Dina (KOK SCHOK) 
0300 E-Bony (Alphabet, JIZZ) 
0600 Yonti (Alphabet Virgins Agency) 
20:00 Gili Eliash (Pag) 
23:00 3 Sisters (KOK SCHOK) 
0000 Asaf Adato (Alphabet ) 
0300 TV.OUT (PAG) 
0600 Sh Se (KOK SCHOK) 

Terminal Γ
2300 DJ Suba (Mother Superior) 
0300 Moshe Abutbul (Mother Superior) 
0700 Yaeli B2B Ahal Eden (Misshapes) 
1200 Samira (SOS) 
1600 Dena G (SOS) 
23:00 Plazmot Live (Misshapes) 
0000 Omri H (Alphabet) 

2200 2200 Extra Medium (KOK SCHOK) 
0600 Dana Friman (SOS) 
1200 Haim Vitali B2B Oron K (KOK SCHOK, PAG) 

Ladies and Gentlemen Attention! During the party, passengers will be given a flight ticket to a desired destination in Europe and tickets. 

The lottery will take place at Terminal ((Pi), the date of the lottery and more details will be published later. 

The airport is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, 54 Ahad Ha’am Street. 
The ticket cost for the whole festival is 80 NIS.
There will be no prior sale. 

Please fasten your seat belts, we’re taking off!


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