Thu 11 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hanina Gallery - Shvil Hamifal 3, Tel Aviv,

Chaya Sheps-Avtalyon / Shiran Yizhari

Hanina Gallery
Curator: Tsiki Eisenberg
11/10/18 – 10/11/18

Gallery talk will take place on Saturday 20/10/18 at 12:00.

The two artists in the Sena exhibition seek to deal in different ways with the role of contemporary photography in relation to place and space. Whether by means of abstraction processes or through sculptural processes, the photographs of Sheps-Avtalion make themselves an abstract painting and Yizhari’s photographs of sculpture. The works of Yizhari and Shaps-Avtalyon seek to deviate from the conventional thought of photography and its relation to space and to ask about the ways in which a place becomes a representation of a place. About the ways in which light becomes an object and the fold of land becomes a home.

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