Sun 28 July 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Levontin 7 - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,

Marathon Concert Gala
28.7 – 30.7
Opening Doors: 19:30, Start of the first performance: 20:00
Free entrance!

We always excel in the treasures of the Levontin marathons, but at this festival he was particularly flamboyant.

Prepare for three days to rock the beginning of the week with sacred sounds of loving guitars and the atmosphere of one large indie family. We also get the embarrassing uncles in Caesar and love!

Every evening we will begin with the starting line and wander into the madness of the senses with all who and who. You’ve probably heard from people who know that in the Levontin concert halls, everything can happen. So let’s be open emotionally and spiritually, hungry for pizza and thirsty for alcohol and rock and roll.

Entrance to us, free of charge and dreams come true, you must. Start every day at 19:30 and finish sometime, if at all.

Sunday, 28.7 with Hadara Levin, Ram Orion, Yeho Yaron, Daniel Rubin, Nir Shlomo, Real Fear, Bijoux, The Driers, Noam Rotem, Costa Kaplan

Sensual Monday, 29.7 With: Adi Kashat Cohen, Kama Vardi, Abigail Kubari, Mammoth, Sabras, Bash Bash, Batshitcrazies, Gobbolino, Adi Shaham

Tuesday, July 30 Featuring Meuban, Pufferfish, Tonik Klonik, Top Tits, Lucifer Girls, Snicky Basterds Levi, Arik Aber, Bzaat, May Lavie

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