Wed 3 April 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tmuna Theater - Soncino 8, Tel Aviv,

Tmuna Theater is proud to host the 2019 – Layers Festival

*** It is highly recommended to book tickets in advance. Previous years in the days of performances were already Sold Out ***
This year’s A-Genre Festival is peeling off new layers of identity, belonging, sexuality.
Are invited to four days of performance, plastic art and video art.

First layer
03/04/2019 Wednesday 20:00
04/04/2019 Thursday 22:00
05/04/2019 Friday 20:00

▪ Alzheimer’s disease is political

Like an Alzheimer’s patient who records notes to remember his habits, I try to reconstruct between my shelling and the declarations my political identity. I suffer from political Alzheimer’s. I am a leftist who lives in an area known as the Gaza envelope, one of the most beautiful areas in the country that produces generations of mentally disabled people living in a battlefield disguised as an anemone preserve. Between the shelling and the declaration, I have to try and remember what my political identity is. Insights, beliefs and even memories of a constant clash between themselves and remain empty spaces in my political and personal identity.
“Alzheimer’s Refugees” is a personal journey in an effort to fill in the gaps with the help of those present to fill the black holes of memory that have been created in me.

Written and performed by: Ya’akov Amsellem
Thanks to Einat Weitzman

️️ ִּ – – פ️ ️️

I took out all the dolls of my childhood from the studio in my parents’ house – in front of them and with you. Yes, I take the initial experiences out of the studio. Traumas, thrills, forbidden secrets, youth soundtrack and the smell of sex. Here at this moment – I examine intimacy – with you and you. How each experience has since affected me – on us – today, and what can be done to get close despite the layers of skin that have accumulated over the years.

By and by: Gilad Yerushalmi

▪ All rights reserved

Work with audience participation
From the moment we started working on the show, we think about you.
We imagine what you look like, what you think, how you feel, what you expect,
What do not you say?
We wonder how we will meet, curious to know who you are.

Performed by: Elite Creez and Nir Erez
Alit Kreiz

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