Thu 9 March 2017 | 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Alfred Gallery - Aharon Chelouche 5, Tel Aviv, 10 NIS

Feminist cinema night ● Simultaneous screening in both cities ● 5 short films ● 5 women directors ● Live skype talk between the directors and the audience

Artistic direction: Efrat Mishori, Dana Goldberg, Karin Fornander

A collaboration between Berlin Feminist Film Week and Kinoclan, ensemble promoting films about the feminine experience as seen through women’s eyesm, has produced an evening of simoultaneous screening, in both Berlin and Tel Aviv. 5 short ilms of 5 women directors, all involving questions of gender and laguage. In each of the films, the main charachter encounters a situation which forces her to discover surviving ingenuity – to adapt, to rebel, and even a invent a new language.

Followiing the screening, a live skype talk will be held with the participation of the directors and the audience, moderated by Karin Furnander and Lior Elefant.

● The films ●

Over Time (2014) – Maya Sarfaty – Na’ama, a young nurse, has just started working with Yotam, a disabled attractive man in a wheelchair. Working day has come to an end, but apparently the apartment door is locked from the outside. What will she have to do to get out?

No Free Lunch (2014) – Leeron Revah – Sarai, an ambitious woman with a knack for autodidacticism, has the audacity to use morally questionable tactics to attain her ultimate goal of upward mobility and get a chance to change her fate.

V (2014) – Efrat Mishori and Dana Goldbeg – A young woman addresses the camera. She speaks of a man. Her face twitches with rage and pain. She wants to be heard. She wants to be believed. There is no other story like hers.

IANUS (2016) Victoria Schulz
Lynn is torn between her new role as a mother and her old freedom.

Homework (2016) – Annika Pinske – A young father (27), his twelve-year-old daughter, a nightclub, two secrets and one lie.

The project was supported by grants from the Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum and the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

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