Wed 4 September 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Panthera - HaArava 14, Tel Aviv,

A unique lecture on the female leadership model and practical tools based on attentive capitalism and the responsibility we have for women in saving the world and transforming it into a world that benefits everyone with the international writer Nilma Bhatt.

Nilima Bhatt is a personal transformation group instructor, personal trainer, and organizational coach on their journey to conscious evolution. She is an international lecturer and trainer in the areas of organizational culture, attentive business, women in leadership and personal awareness for work-life balance. Previously, Nilima served as head of communications and public relations at large corporations including ITC-Welcomgroup, Philips India and ESPN STAR Sports.
Nilima studied life sciences and biochemistry at St Javier College in Mumbai, completed a social media degree at Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai, and trained as a yoga teacher at Dante Yoga Center in Shibananda. She teaches and practices integral yoga by Sri Auribindo and the mother of 2000.

As a fugitive from the corporate world that became a yogic, Nilima became a global flag bearer. She appears worldwide and shares others in her experience in the corporate world and disseminates the healing and growth practices she has developed over 17 years. It works to build strong institutions and recruit change agents, especially women, who can lead our world to long-term and effective solutions.

Nilima’s integral approach combines the best practices and ways from around the world and is tailored to the needs of its changing audiences.

She is a specialist in the development of physical intelligence and spiritual intelligence. BQ) and SQ).
Nilima has led leadership training groups at Microsoft, Whole Foods Market, Tata, Societe Generale Bank, Vodafone, YPO, as well as academic and developmental institutions such as Indus International School and SKS Microfinance. She is an active supporter of the Attentional Capitalism Movement and Women’s International Networking (WIN).

We are delighted to invite you to an introduction to the international business model for attentive and conscious leadership, and to launch the book in Hebrew.

The mission Ms. Nilima Bhatt has taken on is in keeping with the vision of the book’s publisher, Leela Publishers: Creating a World that Benefits Everyone, Working for Everyone Without Differences of Religion, Race and Nationality. A World in which Women Exploit Their Natural Birth Potential and Courageously Lead And in the integrity of the human family to a better
place.We are in a very important time of tremendous change, in the form of tremendous latent tension beneath the surface.This is evident in our personal lives, work, environment and social structures.We think chaos is personal and only controls our lives But it is everywhere “there is the extreme urgency of the immediate” as Martin Luther King King said in His famous speech “I have a dream.”
Our crisis is a crisis of consciousness. It is impossible to solve a problem at the level of consciousness in which it was created, so we must mobilize forces to open us to a new level.
Our crisis of consciousness is also a leadership crisis, because leaders are the ones who have to solve problems. They must show initiative instead of being victims of the circumstances. The old leaders of consciousness have caused the problems we face today. Now leaders with a new consciousness are needed to solve these problems. It is quite clear that most business and leadership models today are not good enough.

The Source of True Leadership

Too many leaders, both men and women, have molded into the notion of leadership distinctly identified traits as masculine traits, such as: hierarchy, militancy, and the quest for victory at all costs.
This conceptual distortion has led to corruption phenomena, severe environmental damage, social crises, stress and depression and many other problems.

But there is another way – a restoration that balances the concept of leadership, which is biased to the masculine side.

In the book Shakti Leadership, Nilima Bhatt presents us with a unique path that strives for balance and empathy, a path based on building, collaboration and creativity. These traits are traditionally characterized as “feminine” qualities, but they all exist.
In ancient yogic tradition, attributes are associated with “shakti” – the creative force, the all-creator.

With the help of exercises, inspiring examples and testimonies, Bhatt guides us responsibly and carefully, step by step, on the journey of the hero who is each of us. She expertly and intelligently guides how to reach and connect to this powerful and endless resource of energy and its way to reach the complete self.

When cross-gender and gender leaders learn to embrace and embrace the thinking patterns that “Shakti leadership” embeds, they can rehabilitate and maintain balance in every situation, raise their level of consciousness and help heal our planet, through endless development of personal awareness combined with joy and joy. Natural.

The event also features an exciting performance by Orca Tepler.
Or Tefler, 36, is known as stage Orca. Graduated from the Rimon School of Music. A musician guides singing and women’s circles.
Leading singer, writer and composer of Forestt’s composition, soloist of band of lights and leader of women’s circles in Israel and around the world.

Beyond the spiritual course of the connection that promotes content of love and peace, without any specific cynicism orca, along with other partners in the journey, leads to an agenda of feminine power and connection to femininity. And so, despite the prevailing way, she chose to have children and pursue a career, with the knowledge and belief of a global community that is part of a successful, financially successful career that enables close and embracing motherhood.

Come be the change you want to see in your business, in life and in the world.

The book will be available for purchase at a discounted event.

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