Tue 6 August 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Namal Tel Aviv - Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

An evening of two lectures with trending fairies, Nitzal Itzhakov and Lior Fisher Shiloni, which will be devoted entirely to the leading trends in the fashion world. The lecture will review the future of the fashion industry, the trends that will soon be seen, the changes that we expect and the strategies that fashion brands must adopt. The lecture will provide a glimpse into the world of trendology and will reveal the main points of the process of predicting trends and cultural research.

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Natsli Itzhakov / FASHION FOCUS – The Next Trends for 2021
The fashion world is undergoing changes that directly affect the trends seen in the near future. Natalie will review the global key events that will shape the trends for 2021, discuss the important moves in the world’s leading brands and how they will affect the leading images in the fashion industry, the clothing worn and the female body image. Let’s get a glimpse of the hot trends for years to come, the colors and elements that must be recognized.

Natalie Itzhakov, a graduate of the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar and the agency of THE VISIONARY, which engages in predictive trends and creative advice to clients from the world of design, hi-tech and lifestyle. Natalie has worked for the trend-hunter Li Edelcoort in Paris and is currently a lecturer in academia and abroad. Among other things, she has recently launched her first course in trendology studies in Israel.

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Lior Fischer Shiloni // FASHION BUYOLOGY – The Future Theory of Consumerism
Further to Natalie’s lecture, Lior Fischer Shiloni will focus on the impact of changes in the fashion world on the business and branding aspect, and on the marketing strategies that each brand must adopt in order to remain relevant. Lior will provide a glimpse into the fascinating field of biologics, discuss the meaning of “neuromarketing” in the era of the instagram and the new ways to turn to the generation of z, consumers of the future.

Lior Fisher Shilony has a degree in innovation, strategy and business management in fashion from Parsons University, returned to Israel after living in Paris where she worked, among other things, with trend designer Lee Edelkoort. Upon her return to Israel, Lior joined the VISIONARY agency and currently teaches and teaches trends in the Jewish Agency.


Tickets here >> https://bit.ly/FashionSpotlightTH

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