Thu 19 September 2019 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

On Thursday, a moment after waking up for the dawn of a new day or some day, we will head to the Wild South, to get a little wild.  A new story that will explode in your body like fireworks every month, on Thursdays on the block.

Get ready to go the way you haven’t been before, to a delightful musical¬† or Italian climax (like anything) that sounds better: Eargasmo Strada

is what’s going to happen on opening night:

Yotam Avni
Adi Shabat

Ray Harel
Uriah Klapter

Lounge – Karnafim Takeover
Ellie Koso
Jakob -Dj



Ania Iviniska or Annie, the rising star of the Super Label Compact – really has it all: fine taste, wonderful skill and incredible reading ability of the dance floor. After moving from her native Poland to London, she soon became one of the most talked and busy people in the local scene, along with recordings in a wide range of Europe. And of course – her emotion-filled sections captured the ears and hearts of the blind and the big-label captains:

——————— ——————–


A wine with such a name must start with an Italian, and another who is said to be the madest Italian since Berlusconi. And he lives and creates to prove it. Fango is a sound perfectionist specializing in drum and percussion programming, a producer who has attracted the attention of some of the important names and labels of the era, a creative remixer, label boss and DJ with colorful and rhythmic sets – and much more. Hear Yourself:

————————— ————–

Thursday – First night of Irgasmo Strada in the block.
Ani, Fango and orgasmic local support.

They will take over the lounge and connect us between the various rooms and sounds: the rhinos – intergalactic squirrels, a secret group in the last year and under the radar sends everyone who encounters it into space.

Doors: 24:00
strongly recommend purchasing at the early sale:

—————————- ————-

* Event arrival confirmation does not guarantee event entry.
* Admission from age 22 onwards.
* Entry to the event will be subject to early sale and order of arrival, with priority for early sale buyers and regular customers of the block.
* Club membership card automatically gives a discount at the box office.
* Entry is conditional on security check and ID.
* It is important for us to maintain everyone’s personal space, so misconduct and harassment will be dealt with severely. If you experience such a phenomenon, please contact any of the club members and they will handle the matter.
* Smoking is not allowed in the main space of the block, the bathroom and hallways. Smoking is allowed in the squat and lounge.
* Do not use any form of cell phones in the extensions, please respect the vibe.
* Dress code: No flip flops or high heels.

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