Thu 13 September 2018 - Fri 14 September 2018 | 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Facebook Tel Aviv - Rothschild 22, Tel Aviv, FREE

Here at Facebook, we believe that every engineer possesses amazing ideas and creativity. Hackathons are a longstanding tradition at Facebook where our engineers stay up all night to create a working product or prototype from scratch. Remember – done is better than perfect.

Join Facebook in Tel Aviv September 13th – 14th 2018, as we stay up all night hacking, learning and having some fun! Start brainstorming ideas and forming teams (of up to 4 people). We’ll supply the food, fun diversions, prizes, and some expert guidance in the form of our engineers.

This event is open to all students. You just need to bring your laptop, appetite, skills and ideas.

*Please note you MUST be an enrolled university student to attend this event*

Registration closes on Wednesday 8th August @ 10am ICT

Due to limited space, we will send all those who have registered a coding challenge to qualify for the hack. From this, we will determine who will be invited to the onsite competition. Notifications will be send out by the end of Thursday 16th August.

Q: What type of things should we build?
A: The world is your oyster- think of something that annoyed you today. Harness that and build your next hack. Disrupting the current industry is highly encouraged, these are the best ideas!

Q: Does our project have to relate to Facebook?
A: Not at all. But our engineers are best equipped to answer any FB related questions.

Q: Do I have to be on a team? What if I don’t have one?
A: No, but working in teams will typically allow you to get more done in the limited amount of time you’ll have. If you don’t have a team on the day of, we can help you find or create one.

Q: Can I have a team of more than 4 people?
A: Only four people will be flown out to California for the Hackathon Finals. You can have more than four at your school Hackathon but you’ll only get four airplane tickets.

Q: What language or platform can I use?
A: The choice is yours! As long as you are confident that you can come up with a working prototype by the end of the hackathon, you should be fine.

Q: Will food be provided?
A: It wouldn’t be a Facebook hackathon without food, and lots of it! We’ll also have plenty of caffeine drinks to keep the energy high all night long.

Q: What should I bring?
A: You should bring yourself, great ideas and a laptop. Pillows, blankets, and a toothbrush are recommended but optional.

Q: Who owns the code after we’re done?
A: You do! Facebook does not own any of your code. Feel free to open source your code, expand on it, etc. This is a great opportunity to make use of advice from industry experts!

Q: Is it okay to work on a project we’ve created in the past?
A: Yes, feel free to use an existing project as a starting point, and create something new out of it. You can also come armed with pieces of code you might have worked on in the past and use it to get your project off the ground faster. Be sure to show one of our engineers the work you’ve already completed in the beginning, as we’ll judge your product based on the progress you make during the event.

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